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PANA Officer Board 2015.

The National Executive Committee of the Peace & Neutrality Alliance is made up of one representative from each affiliated groups and the officers elected at the AGM.

The following officers were elected for the year 2015 at the PANA AGM held on Saturday 13th of December, at Connolly Books, 43 East Essex Street, Dublin 2.

  • Chair:
    Roger Cole
  • Secretary:
    Padraig Mannion
  • Treasurer:
    Jim Monaghan
  • Communications Officer: 
    Seamas Ratigan
  • International Secretary:
    Dr Ed Horgan
  • Research Officer:
    David Morrison 
  • Executive Members:
    Carol Fox 
    Michael Clarke 
    Michael Youlton

17 Castle Street, Dalkey, Co.Dublin, Ireland.
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