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Yes to Europe No To Superstate

Yes to Europe NO to SuperstateThe Peace & Neutrality Alliance is asking you to vote yes to Europe by voting no to this proposed EU Constitution.
- February 2005

PANA advocates a democratic Europe, a partnership of Independent, democratic states, legal equals, without a military dimension. We seek a legally binding Protocol that would exclude Ireland from paying for, or involvement with, the European Rapid Reaction Force or the EU Battle Groups along the following lines:
"With regard to measures adopted by the Council in the relevant articles, Ireland does not participate in the elaboration and the implementation of decisions and actions which have defence implications, but will not prevent the development of closer cooperation between member states in this area. Therefore Ireland shall not participate in their adoption. Ireland shall not contribute to the the financing of the operational expenditure arising from such measures."

PANA was established in 1996 to advocate that Ireland should have an Independent Irish Foreign Policy and maintain its neutrality and to promote a reformed United Nations as the institution through which Ireland should pursue its foreign policy and security concerns.

We did so because we believed the political elite intended to integrate Ireland into the EU/US/NATO military structures to ensure Irelands full participation in the resource wars of the 21st century.

Since then we have campaigned against the Amsterdam Treaty, where we sought a Protocol as outlined. We asked that the the FF Government hold the promised referendum on Irish membership of NATOs PfP. We campaigned against the Nice Treaty, again seeking the Protocol. We campaigned against the decision of the Government to destroy Irish neutrality by actively supporting the war for oil by the US in its decision to invade, conquer and occupy Iraq by paying (so far) Euro6 million towards allowing over 300,000 US troops pass through Shannon airport.

There is a democratic European tradition and a Imperialist European tradition. Ireland was forced to be part of that Imperialist tradition when we were part of a previous world Power, the British Union. We broke with it in January 1919 by declaring our National Independence and PANA believes that advocating an EU which is a partnership of Independent democratic states we are part of that progressive and democratic tradition in Europe, while the advocates of this Constitution are neo-Redmondite Imperialists. All they offer is war, death and destruction via their EU Battle Groups and Rapid Reaction Forces.

The choice is clear: Vote for a Europe of democratic states by voting NO to the emerging Imperialist EU superstate as enshrined in this proposed Constitution.

Roger Cole, Chair of PANA

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