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International Solidarity Campaign

The US Army and Shannon Airport

International Solidarity Campaign

President Obama and US troops in Shannon Airport

Since 2001 the Peace & Neutrality Alliance in Ireland has campaigned against the use of Shannon Airport by US troops during war in accordance with international law as stated in the Hague Convention of 1907.

On the 23rd of May 2011 President Obama visited Ireland to thank the Irish government for the use of the airport despite the fact public opion polls show that 58% of the Irish people do not support its use in the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. PANA used the visit to highlight international support for our campaign. We are continuing to seek international solidarity and therefore are contacting your organisation to support us by adding your signature to this statement and emailing a copy to and Ireland’s national TV station at:

We support the Irish peace movement’s campaign to terminate the use of Shannon Airport by US troops on their way to and from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq:

 To see those groups that have done so already go to:

American Friends Service Committee, USA
All India Peace & Solidarity Organisation, India
Angolan League for the Friendship of the Peoples, Angola
Association for the defense of Peace, Solidarity & Democracy, Iran USA
Australian Anti-Bases Campaign Coalition
Bangladesh Peace Council
Baltimore-Washington Area Peace Council, USA
Belgrade Forum for a World of Equals, Serbia
British CND
Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation, UK
Boundary Peace Initiative, Canada
Cedespaz, Spain
Cebrapaz, Brazil
Campagne tegen Wapenhandel, Holland
Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade, Canada
Congo Peace Committee, Congo
Cosi, Venezuala
CPPC, Portugal
Komitee fur Gründrechte und Demokratie, Germany
Finnish Peace Committee
CSO, Belgium
CND Cymru
Code Pink, USA
Deutsche Friedensgesellschaft, Germany
Danish Peace Council
eedye, Greece
Fellowship of Reconciliation, USA
Foreign Policy in Focus, USA
Footprints for Peace, global
Friedenswerkstatt mutlangen EV, Germany
Global Network against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space
IALANA, Global
Intal, Belgium
ICC No to NATO No to War, Global
International Fellowship of Reconciliation-Austria
Japan Peace Committee
Just Foreign Policy, USA
Latin American Circle of International Studies
Marika Fusser Associates, global
Movpaz, Cuba
Mouvement de La Paix, France
Mompade, Mexico
Mouvement Cretien Pour La Paix-Bruxelles-Belgique
National Peace Council, Syria
Nepal Peace & Solidarity Council
Next Paragraph, Greece
Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, USA
Oxford CND, UK
Ofog, Sweden
Parti de Gauche, France
Palestinian Committee for Peace & Solidarity, Palestine
Pax Christi USA
Peace Action, USA
Peace Congress, Canada
Peace Association of Turkey
Peace & Justice Resource Center, USA
Penarth Christian Network Against the Arms Trade, Wales
Scientists Initiative for Peace & Sustainability, global
Scottish CND
Senegal Peace Committee, Senegal
Stichting Verdesburo Eindhoven, Holland
Stop the War Coalition, UK
Sydney Peace Foundation, Australia
Swedish Peace Council
Transnational Institute, Amsterdam
United for Peace & Justice, USA
Union Pacifiste de France
Union of Friendship and Peace, Mongolia
Union Peridoldistas por la Paz, Dominican Republic
U.S. Citizens for Peace & Justice, Italy
US Peace Council, USA
US Labour for Friendship with Cuba, USA
Vrede, Belgium
Vietnam Peace Committee
WILPF, Norway
WILPF, France
Women in Black, France
World Peace Council

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