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About PANA

The Peace & Neutrality Alliance was established in December 1996 in Dublin. Membership is open to all groups and individuals that accept our 5 objectives.

A wide range of groups and a growing number of individual are affiliated to

PANA seeks to advocate an Independent Irish Foreign Policy, defend Irish Neutrality and to promote a reformed United Nations as the Institution through which Ireland should pursue its security concerns.

PANA's first major campaign was to oppose the Amsterdam Treaty. We sought a Protocol, similar to that already achieved by Denmark, that would exclude Ireland from the militarisation of the EU. PANA was the main alliance in the referendum campaign seeking to reject the Treaty and 37% of people voted NO.

This was a substantial increase in the number of Irish people voting no from
previous EU referendums.

We next campaigned to ensure there was a referendum before Ireland joined NATO's PfP. We again lost, insofar as the government joined without a referendum. Yet the erosion of Irish Neutrality was again highlighted.

We organised a major Conference on Transforming the United Nations which helped to consolidate our growing status as an Alliance.

We campaigned against the Nice Treaty where we again sought a Protocol similar to that already achieved by the Danes and this time we won.

The government were forced to agree to a Declaration on Neutrality, an addition to the Constitution which meat that Ireland could not join an EU common defence without a referendum. While the 2nd referendum was passed the NO vote increased despite the concessions.

There is therefore clear evidence that approximately 37-40 % of the Irish people support Irish Independence, Democracy and Neutrality and oppose the transformation of the EU into a Federal superstate.

PANA is now campaigning against the government decision to allow Shannon airport to be used by the US in its war of conquest of Iraq.

The Peace & Neutrality Alliance is affiliated to the Peace and Human Rights Network and TEAM, the European Anti-Maastricht Movement, which seek to bring together like-minded groups in Europe and co-operate with similar groups throughout the world.

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