PANA AGM 2022 next Saturday

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Our AGM will take place on Saturday 26th of November, at 2.30pm, in the Irish Labour History Society, Beggars Bush, Haddington Road, Dublin 4

(Located near the Grand Canal/Lansdowne Road DART stations, and the Nos 7/4 bus routes)

This meeting is open to all PANA members…


Report on PANA and the Trade Unions by Jimmy Kelly, President of PANA

Report on Finance: Paddy Maguire, Treasurer of PANA

Report on year to November 22: Padraig Mannion, Secretary of PANA

Report on Communications & social media: Tom Crilly, Communications PANA

Report on International contacts: Ed Horgan. International Secretary PANA

Report on PANA 2022: Roger Cole, Chair of PANA

Proposal to appoint PANA Vice-Presidents (3)

Election of PANA's Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, Communications Officer, International Secretary, and 3 ordinary members to the NEC.

Every affiliated organisation appoints their own representative to the PANA NEC. The NEC can then co-opt 3 extra members.

Important events

The Centre for Religion, Human Values, and International Relations, Dublin City University would like to invite you to a lecture titled ‘Giving Peace a Chance: The work of the Peace with Ireland Council’ by Dr Angus Mitchell on 22nd November at 5.30pm in All Hallows Campus, DCU, Drumcondra.

To sign up for the event, kindly register on the Eventbrite link – ‘Giving Peace a Chance: The work of the Peace with Ireland Council’.

The People’s Movement will hold its monthly protest on Wednesday November 23rd at 1:00pm. Outside Dáil Eireann, Kildare St, Dublin No to EU Militarisation and an EU Army! - Neutrality is our best defence.

Please try to get along – it is important! Placards and posters will be provided.

Shannonwatch held their monthly protest at Shannon Airport last Sunday, to see their excellent Press Release ‘Urgent Need to Restore Irish Neutrality and to Promote Peace’

go to the link

The United States of America, unlike any other nation, maintains a massive network of foreign military installations (867 including Shannon) around the world. World Beyond War have researched and developed this fantastic new visual database on these installations.

As you will be aware it is near impossible for those who stand for peace or who oppose imperialist wars to get those related issues covered in our mainstream media, but this short letter from PANA was recently published in the Irish Daily Mail and the Irish Examiner.

Letter to the Editor…War and Recession 4/11/2022

From the beginning of the war in Ukraine, PANA has called for a ceasefire and UN chaired negotiations. Now as this war drags on, we can not only imagine the devastation on Ukrainian people, but also consequently watch apparently helpless as a major economic recession with a cost-of-living crisis is spreading across Europe.

PANA welcomes the recent “unprecedented agreement” on the resumption of Ukrainian grain exports via the Black Sea, and the historic agreement on a permanent cessation of hostilities in Ethiopia. We once again call on our political leaders to reject geopolitical interests and work for a ceasefire and UN chaired negotiations in the Ukraine war.


Roger Cole, Chair, Peace & Neutrality Alliance

Normally RTE radio 1 are most selective about those so called military and academic experts who are invited to lecture us on foreign affairs. However, in an interview this week on ‘News at One’ a retired lieutenant colonel Michael Murphy and former deputy director of Irish army intelligence deviated from the usual war propaganda by suggesting that ‘we as a nation have been behaving quite hawkish towards Russia’. Interesting…

Best Wishes,

Tom Crilly, Communications Officer, PANA,

Tel 087 2937558

Roger Cole, Chairperson, PANA,

Tel 087 2611597

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