Pressure to Support the Western Military Alliance

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Public opinion polls have consistently shown that the vast majority of the Irish people in the Republic of Ireland support Irish neutrality.

Despite this reality the Irish government has entered a new streamlined agreement with Nato. It will last until 2028 and will according to media speculation give Ireland greater access to Nato resources, including sensitive intelligence. Under the new protocol, interactions with the Alliance will now take place under the Individual Tailored Partnership Programme (ITPP) which was set out at the 2022 Madrid Nato Summit as a means of increasing Nato co-operation with partner nations.

Ireland has been a partner nation with Nato since 1999 when it joined the Partnership for Peace programme to increase interoperability with other western militaries.

A recent report published by Policy Exchange exposes the ongoing pressure to support this western military alliance – ‘Closing the Back Door Rediscovering Northern Ireland’s Role in British National Security’ is backed by the UK military and security establishment and repeats the EU/NATO narrative accusing Ireland of “freeloading” off Nato and posing as a “backdoor” threat to UK security from Russian, Chinese and Iranian actors. The report also suggests greater pressure should be put on the new Stormont assembly and on the Irish government to fall in line with these Nato defence interests.

Ironically these are the same EU/Nato defence and security interests that continue to demand more military and political support for the ongoing two-year horrific slaughter in Ukraine and for Israel’s genocidal bombardment of Palestinians in Gaza, and that refuse to encourage peace, stability, and humanitarian needs in Sudan, Yemen, and the Sahel region. One could easily equate western security interests with those massive profits of their military arms industries.

Roger Cole of PANA stated, the Irish government is under constant pressure from the United States and Nato to abandon all vestiges of independent foreign policy, and to support the interests of a western regional power structure. Nato cannot control global structures like the United Nations and the International Court of Justice, so they try to weaken them or propagate the narrative that they are no longer relevant. This according to PANA is the real reason Micheál Martin wants to destroy the Triple Lock Mechanism.


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Closing the Back Door Rediscovering Northern Ireland’s Role in British National Security, Marcus Solarz Hendriks and Harry Halem. Foreword by Rt Hon Sir Michael Fallon KCB and Rt Hon Lord Robertson of Port Ellen KT

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