PANA Speech to European Liaison Committee against War and Social War

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A Zoom Meeting with a broad alliance of European Anti-War Groups was held on Saturday 30th September 2023 - to agree a Constitution of a European Liaison Committee - including reps from Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Belgium, Romania, Norway, Austria, Portugal, Greece, Sweden, Denmark, and Switzerland and others.

With a common base. • An immediate ceasefire and negotiations! • Against arms deliveries! • Against arms and war budgets! • The lifting of the sanctions! • Neither NATO nor Putin! • “No to War – No to social War!” • Against war budgets of hundreds of billions! Billions for hospitals, schools, municipalities… • The defence of the real wage! General price freeze!

Thank You Gotthard and Kathrin for the invite to today's meeting to agree a Constitution for the European Liaison Committee.

I’m Tom Crilly, Communications Officer for the Peace and Neutrality Alliance (PANA) here in Dublin, Ireland. Apologies for the Chair of PANA Roger Cole who cannot attend himself, as he is attending a Peace Conference in Berlin this weekend organised by the World Peace Council and other groups. PANA would broadly support this Constitution, along the line that we do need to link those important social and economic factors that affect workers alongside the slogan ‘No to War’ indeed ‘No to Imperialism’.

Since 1996 PANA has campaigned for an independent foreign policy, Irish neutrality, and a transformation of the United Nations. We are a broad alliance, that include trade unions, political parties, campaigning groups, and individuals. We issue a ‘Press Release’ and a ‘Letter to the Editor’ of national newspapers on a regular basis, we produce documents like our more recent one ‘Neutrality, NATO and the Attack on Ireland’s Triple Lock… all these items can be viewed on our website. Indeed, we have a very modern website with a vast amount of relevant information and links to other peace groups and alternative media. We also have a PANA Facebook and Twitter account with up-to-date information on issues and events.

For the last two decades U.S. war planes have refuelled at Shannon airport on their way to their intervention wars in the Middle East, north Africa, and they now supplying horrific weapons to support their proxy war in Ukraine.

Shannonwatch monitor and highlight these war planes, organising a monthly protest at Shannon Airport since 2008. According to their spokesperson Edward Horgan, “What is happening at Shannon Airport is in breach of international laws on neutrality and makes the Irish people complicit in US war crimes and torture”.

On Sunday 12th November at 2pm PANA, Shannonwatch and other anti-war groups plan to organise a National Protest at the Roundabout at Shannon Airport.

On Saturday 4th November at 2pm PANA will be supporting the Irish Neutrality League and other groups in a National Demonstration for Peace in Dublin.

Another campaigning group the Peoples Movement hold a monthly protest outside Dail Eireann (Irish Parliament), highlighting opposition to ongoing EU Militarisation with banners demanding ‘Withdraw from PESCO’ and ‘No to EU Army’.

We work with MEPs Clare Daly and Mick Wallace, who supply us with information on this militarisation…see ‘Briefings on European Defence Spending August 2023’ on our website.

Finally, on May of this year PANA commissioned an Ipsos Omnipoll that revealed 87% of the people of Ireland support a ceasefire to facilitate negotiations to end the war in Ukraine.

PANA has always supported this position, unfortunately our government and Irish mainstream media support war.

PANA has already agreed to hold our annual AGM on Saturday 25th November, perhaps we can link it to the suggested ‘European Social War Day’ that also falls on this date.

You can use our main email to contact Roger.

Best Wishes to all those attending this meeting today, in our common struggle against war, exploitation, poverty, and imperialism.

Tom Crilly,

Communications PANA