National Protest at Shannon Airport this Sunday 12th November at 2pm

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The Peace and Neutrality Alliance (PANA) along with Shannonwatch and other peace groups will hold a National Protest, meeting at the Roundabout at Shannon Airport on Sunday 12th November 2023, 2-3pm.

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Before the illegal US led invasion of Iraq in 2003 Dáil Éireann debated a Government Motion, with Micheál Martin TD expressing concern about the innocent Iraqi civilians, the need for humanitarian aid, post war reconstruction of Iraq, but agreed to support US war planes refuelling at Shannon.

This collaboration in US war crimes continues today as the Pentagon/NSA has agreed to send billions of dollars of military assistance, including Cluster bombs to Ukraine and Spice bombs to Israel, and the latest reports reveal dozens of C-17 military transport planes most likely carrying munitions criss-crossing the Atlantic traveling between the United States and Israel.

Successive Irish Governments still refuse to search US military and their contracted civilian aircraft refuelling at Shannon Airport, so we will never know what weapons are on board.

Roger Cole of PANA stated, “Israel is bombing and blockading two million Palestinians in Gaza, killing ten thousand innocent people in the process, a genocide is under way here, how can the Minister for Transport Eamon Ryan and the Minister for Foreign Affairs Micheál Martin continue this collaboration in war crimes by allowing US war planes land at Shannon Airport”.


Roger Cole, Chairperson, PANA,

Edward Horgan, International Secretary, PANA,

Padraig Mannion, Irish Language Spokesperson, PANA,

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Shannon Rally.

Please support, organising your own transport, train to Limerick Station, or with PANA who has organised a private bus from Dublin (meeting Tara Street Station, Dublin at 9am) to Shannon, return for this event with a subsidised fee €12, and with a limited number of seats: You can still book your seat by contacting Roger Cole at

And you can pay through the PANA Website. Bring your raincoats.

Dáil Éireann debate on planned invasion of Iraq

In January 2003, the Minister for Foreign Affairs Brian Cowen (Fianna Fail) confirmed that Shannon was being used by the US military, and that troops travelling on civilian aircraft are “sometimes accompanied by their personal weapons”. These are military contracted aircraft and as such are technically not classified as military aircraft.

Approximately 100,000 people marched in Dublin on 15th February 2003 to oppose the impending illegal US led invasion of Iraq. Dáil Éireann debated and passed a Motion on Tuesday 25th March 2023 that included:

– expresses its earnest hope that military action, should it occur, will be of short duration and that loss of life and destruction will be kept to a minimum.

– recalls the long-standing arrangements for the overflight and landing in Ireland of US military and civilian aircraft; and

– supports the decision of the Government to maintain those arrangements.

Taoiseach Bertie Ahern - stated.

Ireland has made over-flight and landing facilities available to the United States for the past 50 years. This period covers many crises and military confrontation which involved the US taking military action without specific United Nations endorsement, Kosovo being the most recent example. We did not withdraw or suspend those facilities at any stage during that period and there is no reason to act differently towards the US now.

Micheál Martin TDI hope this conflict, which will have terrible consequences, will be as short as possible in the interests of the ordinary people of Iraq. We want to play a constructive role in the humanitarian aid effort under the aegis of the UN and in the proper reconstruction of Iraq.

Eamon Ryan TDSome 140 Labour Party Members of the House of Commons voted against their Government. How many Fianna Fáil Members will vote against the Government?

Update on air traffic through Shannon Airport-Edward Horgan

There are two separate types of military flights through Shannon:

The Dept of Transport approves those civilian aircraft on contract to the US military. These flights are usually carrying armed US soldiers, each soldier usually carries their personal weapons with them in the cabin of the aircraft and this usually means that if an aircraft has 200 soldiers on board there will also be 200 automatic rifles on board and some ammunition also in the hold of the plane. Omni Air International are now one of the most frequent on contract for US military through Shannon but there are others like Eastern Airlines.

The Department of Foreign Affairs approves US military aircraft such as Hercules C130, C17, C5 and others through Shannon. The Irish Government and US Government claim that none of these aircraft ever carry any weapons, munitions, are never on military operations, nor on military exercises or on intelligence gathering missions, bla bla bla. These are blatant lies as such aircraft frequently carry US Special Forces who never leave the US without their specialised weapons.


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