Ambassadors are Vital in International Diplomacy

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The Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, 1961, specifies that ambassadors are diplomats of the highest rank, formally representing their head of state, with plenipotentiary powers to represent their government. The role of ambassadors in times of peace tends to be symbolic dealing with matters of economics, culture, visas, etc.

In times of war the role of ambassadors is far more important. When the conflict in Ukraine deteriorated seriously in February 2022, there were calls for the Russian ambassador to be expelled. In recent days similar calls have been made by politicians and others to expel the Israeli ambassador.

According to Edward Horgan, International Secretary of PANA, “Expelling ambassadors in time of war is a serious mistake. While we may not like the ambassadors in question and we may not like or agree with the actions of their governments, it is vital to keep diplomatic lines of communications open at such critically important times.”

Neutral countries especially should be playing an important role in promoting an end to those conflicts in Ukraine, the Middle East, the Sahel region in Africa, and elsewhere. Our government should be leading the charge for a ceasefire and negotiations in global conflicts.

The ambassadors of these countries are vital especially if efforts are being made to end the conflicts, but also to help protect Ireland’s interests and the interests of Irish citizens who may be endangered by the conflicts. Edward Horgan stated, “ambassadors are the most important element in the international diplomatic system and provide a vital communications system in times of crises.” ‘Meeting jaw to jaw is better than war.’


Edward Horgan, International Secretary, PANA,
Roger Cole, Chairperson, PANA,
Padraig Mannion, Irish Language Spokesperson, PANA,

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Shannonwatch has been protesting at Shannon Airport on the second Sunday of every month since 2008, and according to Edward Horgan “What is happening at Shannon Airport is in breach of international laws on neutrality and makes the Irish people complicit in US war crimes and torture”.

Report on Government Consultative Forum on International Security Policy

Our NEC Zoom meeting 24/10/2023 discussed Professor Dame Louise Richardsons report and agreed to thank all those anti-war activists who participated and influenced this biased forum away from membership of NATO. However, whilst the report admits neutrality is popular (which would be hard to deny) it does attack the Triple Lock, a major concern for us now, repeating the government position (See below). Roger and others are working on a more comprehensive response. Check out ‘Sword to Ploughshares’ detailed report on the Forum now on the PANA website. You can examine the report from Dame Richardson through the government link below.

From P.1 of the Executive Summary

The Triple Lock: the prevailing view is that it should be reconsidered.

From P.12, We again see a very pro-government narrative in her report.

While there was not a consensus on this point, the preponderance of views, especially among the experts and practitioners, is that it is time for a reconsideration of the Triple Lock as it is no longer fit for purpose.

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