Never Fear to Negotiate – letter published in Irish Daily Mail

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A PANA ‘Letter to the Editor’ was published in today’s Irish Daily Mail, slightly altered with the line ‘during a bilateral summit with French president Emmanuel Macron’ removed. As usual these anti-war suggestions may be censored altogether out of the other eight newspapers, I sent this letter to, but if anyone sees it elsewhere let me know.

Letter to the Editor,

Never Fear to Negotiate


A Chara,

PANA called for a ceasefire and UN chaired negotiations from the very start of the war in Ukraine.

We therefore welcome the statement from President Biden that he would be willing to have talks with President Putin and so help reduce escalating tensions between these nuclear powers.

His remarks were made at a recent press conference in Washington, DC, during a bilateral summit with French president Emmanuel Macron. This is a major foreign policy change in the Biden administration now expressing the need for diplomacy to end this horrific war.

Let us encourage these moves and recall that President Kennedy in a speech on January 20, 1961, said: " Let us never negotiate out of fear. But never fear to negotiate", a political perspective that helped solve the Cuban missile crisis in October 1962.

Yours Sincerely,

Roger Cole, Chair, Peace & Neutrality Alliance.

Stop the War Campaign and Peter Dooley have organised a Rally for Peace outside Dail Eireann tomorrow Tuesday 6December, at 1pm…Roger is a guest speaker here. Please support.

Talk World Radio with David Swanson of WBW…the link to this fantastic talk show is now up on the PANA website, a regular 29-minute debate with invited guests on a range of issues from Palestine to COP27 to Peacebuilding. Also keep informed of issues from our good friend Tarak Kauff of Veterans for Peace, the link to ‘Peace and Planet News’ is also up on our website. Also, we provide a link to the Julian Assange Campaign…

Celebrating 90 years of Connolly Books with guests Dr Conor McCabe and Donal Fallon this Friday 9December 7-10pm…Connolly Books, 43 Essex St East, Temple Bar, Dublin.

Buy a book, read it and then give it as a Christmas present, I’ve just started ‘War in Ukraine-Making Sense Of A Senseless Conflict’ this book is on sale now in Connolly Books.

Edward Horgan reports that the next Shannonwatch protest will takes place at Shannon Airport this Sunday 11December at 2pm…and well done to all those anti-war campaigners who protested recently against those four NATO ships visiting Cork Harbour.

Thanks to all who made it to our recent AGM held in the ILHS, Beggars Bush, especially those who rushed from the ‘Raise the Roof’ housing march that ended in Merrion Square at 2pm…just a few add on changes to our NEC.

Best Wishes, and an early Happy Christmas,

Tom Crilly,

Communications PANA,

Tel 087 2937558

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