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issue 11 - May/June 2008
A Publication of the Independence / Democracy Group

Letter from the Editors
As the Irish referendum on the Lisbon Treaty comes closer, some Irish citizens might be asking about the Treaty’s impact on the European Security and Defence Policy (ESDP), in particular with regard to the specific interest of the neutral, so called “non-aligned” Member States of the Union.

Through new “armament”, “solidarity” and “mutual assistance” clauses, “permanent structured cooperation” among Member States, and enlarged socalled “Petersberg tasks”, among others, the Treaty of Lisbon may give a “massive boost to the EU’s defence ambitions” (Geoffrey van Orden) and have “a dramatic impact in the field of common foreign and security policy” (Andrew Duff).

Our contributions analyse the Lisbon Treaty’s respective provisions and their possible impact on the ESDP, also highlighting the sensitive positions of the non-aligned Member States.

Current problems of the ESDP and its relations to other defence alliances are critically analysed, outlining possible solutions for the establishment of a genuine European defence alliance.

Further to these and as a follow-up to the previous issue, the principle of primacy of EU law with particular regard to the Charter of Fundamental Rights is subject of a detailed scrutiny.

Hoping that you will enjoy reading our contributions and looking forward to receiving your feedback.

Klaus Heeger and Karoly Lorant

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