A Constitution for Europe

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A GREEN PARTY discussion document.
- April 2004

Uniquely among Irish political parties, the Green Party will consult its membership on the Party's attitude to the new European Constitution. We have already held one seminar which was attended by Dr. Garrett FitzGerald and Mr Ben Tonra, and we hope to hold at least two more seminars once the Inter-Governmental Conference has concluded negotiations.

The Party will then hold a special convention on the issue, where party members will have the opportunity to debate the issue and come to a conclusion by way of preferendum or vote.

This document offers a brief overview of the key issues in the Constitution. It outlines the pros and cons, and should be seen as the starting point for our internal party debate. The document is availabe in '.pdf format' eu_const_greenparty04.pdf and there will also be a discussion forum on the issue, which will be open to party members, on the green party website - www.greenparty.ie. Those outside the party who wish to participate can do so using e-mail.

We want to see a full, open and honest debate on these issues. There may be arguments which we have overlooked, but we would be more than happy to include all points of view in the discussion forum.

On the 22nd of February 2004 the Irish Green Party celebrated along with our other European colleagues the formation of a European Green Party. As European Greens we have made it clear that the Constitution, if it is to have real democratic legitimacy, should be ratified in a European-wide referendum.

We look forward to the debate within the Irish Green Party, the European Greens and amongst the people of Europe about the future shape of the European Union.

Download full Document: eu_const_greenparty04.pdf (.PDF format, 220 Kb)

John Gormley, T.D.,
Green Party Chairman & Foreign Affairs Spokesperson,
Irish Representative on the European Convention.
The Green Party / Comhaontas Glas
5a Fownes Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2.
Tel: 01 679 0012
Email: info@greenparty.ie
Web: www.greenparty.ie

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