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The so-called Petraeus Report-actually written within the White House-is supposed to evaluate "progress" inthe U.S. war and surging occupation of Iraq based on a set of congressionally-determined benchmarks.Those evaluations will ostensibly provide an overview of how far along U.S.-occupied Iraq is in achieving "stability," "democracy," "equity between groups," and more.

But however the White House drafters and General Petraeus and the spindoctors assess the benchmarks,what the report will almost certainly NOT do is provide a true glimpse of what the shattered lives of the 25million Iraqis look like today.

It will almost certainly NOT mention the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians dead because of the U.S. war and occupation: the British medical journal Lancet reported 650,000 dead as of two years ago and casualtieshave increased since.

It will probably NOT say much about the two million Iraqis who have fled the war to seek hard-to-find refugein neighboring countries, nor the additional two million Iraqis forced by war-fueled violence to flee their homesand who remain displaced and homeless inside Iraq.

It will very likely NOT mention that most Iraqis have electricity for only about five hours a day, that cleanwater remains scarce for most and unobtainable for many, and that Iraq's oil production remains a fraction ofwhat it was before war.

It is NOT likely to highlight the fact that the Pentagon has already spent $456 billion or so of our tax dollars,occupation, war and violence have so devestated the Iraqi economy that unemployment has reached up to40% and higher, and underemployment an additional 10% or more.

If the report has anything close to a true assessment, it would acknowledge that the lives of people in 2007Iraq are worse than ever.

It will NOT admit to another set of truths as well. The 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq was illegal, and in violation ofthe United Nations Charter. It was based on lies, and those lies have NOT become truths just because theU.S. occupation has now continued for 4 and 1/2 years.

  • The war was NOT launched because Iraq had weapons of mass destruction; it didn't;
  • The U.S. did NOT invade Iraq because Saddam Hussein was tied to al-Qaeda; he wasn't;
  • The U.S. did NOT invade to bring democracy to the people of Iraq; it hasn't.

The failure of the Iraq War has also meant a huge cost to ourdemocracy at home. We have paid an enormous price: in thedeaths and shattered minds and bodies of our young soldiers; inthe threats to an economy ravaged by billion-dollar bills to pay foran illegal war; in the destruction of so much of our infrastructure,security and social fabric because of human and financialresources diverted to Iraq; and in the shredding of our Constitutionand civil rights as fear becomes a weapon in the hands of theBush administration aimed at Congress, the courts and the peopleof this country.

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