The Annual General Meeting of the Peace and Neutrality Alliance

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The AGM of the Peace & Neutrality Alliance will be held on Saturday 18th of October from 2.00 – 5.00pm In the Students Hall, Belfield, UCD.

There will be reports from the Secretary, Treasurer, International Secretary and Chair.

There will be elections to; Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, International Secretary, PRO, Research Officer and 3 ordinary members.

There will be the following proposals to change the PANA Constitution:

  1. a. Replace in section 3, "decide policy" with "implement" policy.
    b. Add "principal" before the word spokesperson in article 5.
    Proposed Roger Cole
  2. Add, "The Peace & Neutrality Alliance (PANA) stands for a world free from prejudice and discrimination where difficulties between peoples and nations are resolved on the basis of mutual respect and equality of treatment. We believe in a multilateral approach to international security within the framework of a reformed United Nations."
  3. The Annual General Meeting is the supreme policy making body of the PANA.
  4. PANA's elected officers will act as a steering committee with responsibility for the implementation of all policy decisions made by the Annual Conference and to ensure the smooth running and development of the organisation.

    It’s main functions include:
    The administrative aspects of all meetings including those of the National Executive and Annual General Meetings; the recruitment of new members; the management of finance and fund raising; the drafting, publication and distribution of Pane’s Newsletter etc; the maintenance and updating of Pane’s web page; relations with similar organizations that share our vision in Ireland and internationally.
  5. Currently the National Executive comprises of one delegate from each affiliated organisation and the elected officers. In order to ensure that individual members of PANA have equal opportunity to participate in the work of PANA, three places should be reserved on the National Executive for them. The main role of the National Executive should be to oversee the work of the Steering Committee and to monitor the implementation of policies made by the AGM and other decisions in line with agreed policies.

Resolutions 2, 3, 4, 5, proposed and seconded by Des McGuinness and Noreen Byrne.

ULLA SANDBAEK MEP will give the AGM’s Frank Aiken Memorial Lecture. Ulla is a member of the Danish June Movement who campaigned against the conquest of Iraq and the militarisation of the EU.

The PANA AGM is open to the public, but only paid up members can vote.

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