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International conference jointly organised by
CND (UK) and Mouvement de la Paix (France)
- Saturday 5th March 2005
- Mechanics Institute, Central Manchester, UK

This year sees the 60 th Anniversary of the dropping of the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the United States in 1945. Despite all the consequent death, devastation and suffering the world has not yet achieved a ban on nuclear weapons. Although as recently as 2000, at the UN Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty Review Conference, the nuclear weapons states made an 'unequivocal undertaking' to take positive steps to nuclear disarmament, very little has happened. This year we must press governments to carry out their legal obligations to achieve global nuclear disarmament.

NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, the military alliance which includes the USA and Canada, has been expanded to 26 states across Europe. Yet NATO is a block to the furthering of the aims of the N.P.T. as it still holds policies of retaining nuclear weapons, of using nuclear arms first and a policy of nuclear sharing so that the US can store nuclear weapons at bases on the land of non-nuclear weapon states. NATO's total military budget is over $400 billion.

The new European Constitution includes articles which support a European army, support for selling more arms from Europe and recommendations that member states should spend more on defence.

The above issues are urgently in need of public debate, because there is no doubt that people are seeking ways to achieve peace and human security.

Will they find it through military security? Can governments still threaten the use of nuclear weapons?

What is the effect of the spending of huge amounts of money on more advanced technological, including nuclear, weapons? If we are to change hearts and minds, how will we do it?

We will raise these questions in the workshops at the conference where every participant will have a chance to contribute. .

The speakers will include:

  • Tobias Pflueger, Member of the European Parliament, (Germany)
  • Jeremy Corbyn, Member of the UK Parliament
  • Arielle Denis, Co President of the Mouvement de la Paix (France)
  • Kate Hudson, Chair of CND (UK)
  • Roger Cole, Peace and Neutrality Alliance (Republic of Ireland)

On Sunday, 6 th March , there will be a cultural programme including optional visits to the Imperial War Museum and the People's Museum. This is also Irish Festival Week in Manchester which includes music, concerts and craft markets.

You will receive a warm welcome in Manchester - we do hope you can come .

Registration forms and full information on the programme, accommodation and travel are available from
Greater Manchester CND,
22a Beswick Street, MANCHESTER M4 7HR
e-mail gmdcnd@gn.apc.org ,
website www.gmdcnd.org.uk

Tel +44 161 273 8283 - Fax +44 161 273 8293


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