Mapping the troop deployment to Afghanistan

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On you can find the result of our project to Map the troop deployment to Afghanistan and the military infrastructure involved in this war.
The overview is not 100% complete in terms of units and bases, but we have been able to cover the main forces in the most important European states. Concerning announcements of extra troops the overview is quite complete.
We also tried to map the political debate: This stays a fragmentary picture.

Feel free to use this information for press or public work concerning the Afghanistan Conference in London on 28th January 2010. And feel free to contribute with information on deployments and the political debate in your country.

On the meeting of the Afghanistan-network in Berlin on 16 October one of the agreements was to make an inventory of the military bases involved in the Afghanistan-war. With this mapping project we have a first result, which can be developed further. This website will in a later stage be integrated in the and others, when technically possible.

Hans Lammerant
Bombspotting - Vredesactie / ICC member No to NATO-network and No Bases-network -

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