From supporting war to promoting peace

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International Peace Conference with the Irish Peace Society:

on Saturday 11 November 2006
at University of Limerick (John Holland Lecture Theatre, D1050)

Why now?

  • 11 November is Remembrance Day (War to end all wars? Genocide never again?)
  • 655,000 killed in Iraq since 20 March 2003.
  • One million (1,000,000) US troops through Shannon Airport since Oct 2001.
  • The UN and the international community failed to prevent the killing fields of Cambodia, Somalia, Bosnia, Rwanda, Congo and Darfur , and many more.
  • Is the UN beyond reform as Ban Ki-moon takes over from Kofi Annan?

Purpose of the conference:

  • To help peace activists continue their quest for peace and justice by sharing skills and experiences, and by reviewing strategy.
  • Examine Ireland's complicity in the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon/Palestine.
  • Commemorate all those unlawfully killed in recent wars, including attacks on USA.


09.30: Registration, coffee, informal networking, book-signing

10.00: Hans von Sponeck - Global confrontation, human security and the imperative of UN reform - followed by questions and discussion

11.00: Minute's silence to mark Armistice signing 1918 and all dead in wars since 1918

11.01: Gernot Biehler - Ireland's responsibilities under international law in view of unlawful wars - followed by questions and discussion

11.45: Coffee

12.00: Workshops

Workshop 1
Legal support for peace activists practicalities. Preventing conflict and creating peace by peaceful means.

Workshop 2
Airport neighbourhood watch practical issues for monitoring crime and militarisation of your local airport. Facilitated by Hourigan, Conor Cregan.

12.45: Book launch: A Different Kind of War: The UN Sanction Regime in Iraq by H. C. von Sponeck

13.15: Lunch

14.00: Workshops

Workshop 3
Strategic planning towards a diversity of strategies for the demilitarisation of Shannon airport facilitated by Kieran Clifford / Coiln hAiseadha

Workshop 4
The role of the individual in UNCIVIL society - upholding and enhancing the rule of law: practical, peaceful and legal approaches. Facilitated by Edward Horgan.

15.30: Coffee

16.00: Craig Murray: Why torture is counter-productive

16.30: Closing Session Expert Panel: Hans von Sponeck, Gernot Biehler, Craig Murray

Bookings and enquiries (Admission free):  
- Edward Horgan, 085-1026631
- Fraser Gray, 087-4167849
- Coiln hAiseadha, 086-0603818 .

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