No Bush No War Day

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9th of June 2007 in Rome

On th 9th of June the president of the USA , George Bush, will come to Italy, invited by the Prodi Government in order to reinforce the italian military and political alliance with the United States. Today President Bush is opposed by the majority of the Usa people but still mantains the support of the military,oil, and weapon industries lobbies. Bush is the main interpreter of the will for world egemony of the USA ruling classes ; this will brings the USA, regardless of the government's turnover, to carry out military interventions, everywhere, with their army, with coup d'etat, with mass murders and attacks.

This hunger for absolute power makes war a real political strategy with the possibility to export conflicts from Africa to Asia,from Latin America even to Europe ( Balcans) and produces political and cultural subjection.

In Italy the right wing sees Bush as a benchmark, but also the Prodi government, elected in part thanks to the votes of the No War movement " without ifs and buts", is proud of the alliance with such an administration and is getting ready to welcome in grand style president Bush in Rome.

This subordination portrays also the purposeful military intervention policy that the Prodi government is practicing even though in the "multilateral" version, that is, "agreed" with the other politically powerful States. These politics are deep rooted in the logic of the war that push to mantain troops in Afghanistan, that visibily increased the military expenditures (+13% in the last budget law), that want to impose on populations united in the opposition new military bases like the one in Vicenza (but also in Cameri and in other places in way of expanding); that partecipate in the costruction of homicidal weapons like the war airplane F35 or the missile shield, and preserve the atomic bombs disseminated in our territory, like Ghedi and Aviano.

Its' this cultural and political subordination, that abandoned one of the cleanest experiences of italian pacifism, the one of Emergency, deceived and sacrificed to the Kharzai government and to their Secret Services that illicitly hold Rahmatullah Hanefi.

But war is war, indipendently from the vessils used to conduct it and must be strongly refused, like the military policy of our governament, that reconfirmed and promoted war missions.

Because of this, like many men and women all over the world and from all walks of life, we are preparing to welcome Bush like a real warmonger.

We do it for the tortured people of Guantanamo, for the people burned alive in Falluja, for the deported people, for those that are pent up in the internment camps spread out all over the world. But we do it also to say that another Italy exists.

An Italy that already lives in another possible and concrete world. Its' the Italy of the movements that struggle against military bases, against the environmental devastation, for social rights, against the centers of temporary detention, against the privatization of water and common goods theft, against military expenditures and global rearmament.

Therefore the nineth of June is an important day for the recovery of the path of No War movement in our country.

We want the italian troops withdrawn from all the war fronts, first of all Afghanistan; the closure of all USA and NATO military bases, the restitution of those places to the populations for civil use.We want Italy to exit from military alliances.

We require the removal of nuclear weapons and of the mass distruction weapons from the national territory.

We say stop to military expenditures; we refuse the Missile Shield and the new war planes, so that the dozens of billions euros could be used for education and public health services, for social services, environmental improvement, for labour and public welfare system.

We demand that the Prodi government obtain the immediate liberation of Hanefi and restitute to Emergency its proper role in Afghanistan.

We propose that the No-War Movement mobilization, that has already three important stages;

  • the demostration against the projected military base in Novara and those in Aviano and Sigonella on the nineteenth of May;
  • the caravan against war, that will arrive in Rome on the second of June to protest against the military parade on the Fori Imperiali ;
  • the European mobilization against the G8 in Rostock-Heiligendamm;

culminate on the 9th of June in a great popular mobilization in Rome that maks Bush and Prodi feel the opposition against the wars and agains the rush to arms, that DECLARES THE USA PRESIDENT AN UNWELCOMED GUEST and makes Prodi feel the refusal of war and militarysm, in accordance with article 11 of the Italian Costitution.

We join the population of Vicenza to state again to Bush the clearest determination and the strongest possible opposition against the building of the military base Dal Molin.

Confederazione COBAS, Global Project, Sinistra Critica, ATTAC, Rete sempre contro la guerra, Confederazione Unitaria di Base, Forum Palestina and many others organizations, networks, comitees and associations.

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