Ireland’s shame - not in our name

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By Mícheál MacDonncha,
- Aibreán 2003.
- (Air: Banna Strand)

Come Irishmen and women all and listen to my song
A song of war and shattered peace, a song of right and wrong.
The crimes of this false government committed in our name
The crimes of hopeless hirelings who bring our nation shame.

Robert Emmet stood condemned two hundred years ago
An enemy of England’s crown, to the gallows he did go
He died to win our freedom, our liberty to gain
But shameless men have made our land a province once again.

Remember brave James Connolly in ’14 did declare
‘Neither King nor Kaiser but Ireland we will serve’
He stood against the Empire’s war and raised the Starry Plough
But Ireland’s cowardly leaders serve another Empire now.

The British Empire’s dead and gone but John Bull’s a bully still
A corner boy for Uncle Sam he does his master’s will
Warmongers and war criminals George Bush and Tony Blair
With cluster bombs and poison shells they slaughter from the air.

The Global Empire wages war in Iraq and Palestine
And Irish lackies bend the knee, colluding in their crime
They sell the nation’s soul again by the River Shannon’s side
It flows with bitter tears for countless innocents who died.

Now Irishmen and women all you’ve listened to my song
A song of war and shattered peace, a song of right and wrong
The crimes of this false government that bring our nation shame
We say to them ‘no blood for oil’ we say ‘not in our name’.

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